Our Pilot Programs

Our Programs are complimentary, self-sustaining and socio-economically empowering for all of us, while proving definitively that the spirit of cooperation is more socially fulfilling and impactful than the greed and avarice promoted through capitalist competition.

We of the NCTT  urge you to distribute this strategic proposal to all the various movement groups nationally. 

The pilot programs we are proposing are NCTT word-product, either drawn from our archives or uniquely developed to ensure the success of this enterprise. This venture will require some structural organization amongst you.

We suggest you adopt a democratic centralist organizational structure which will allow everyone to air their views, opinions and suggestions – be they popular or unpopular, correct or incorrect – in group discussions on policy decisions. Yet those with the greatest knowledge and insight on the specific subject matter being disclosed should have the greatest influence on the policy ultimately adopted.

Such an approach will encourage the broadest possible participation in the decision making process, while securing the most viable and sagacious ideas.

These programs are intentionally designed to be universally adaptive, modifiable and amendable to work in any community. The success of some aspects of these programs will be benefited by specialized knowledge, insight or skill sets.

We urge you all to begin taking stock of all your skill sets and maintaining – or creating – a local database of each activist or participant’s skill sets, such as computer engineering, drywall, agricultural expertise, technical engineering, plumbing, visual art etc.

To facilitate the success of these collective work initiatives and as we see success, we expand these efforts into new areas of development.

The pilot programs we propose are:

1) the Closed Circuit Economic Initiative

2) the Sustainable Agricultural Commune

Sustainable Agricultural Commune b-w logo
Logo: ©Heshima Denham 2017


3) the Block-Vote Democratic Initiative (we are reviewing this currently)

4) the Youth Community Action Program (Y-CAP)

We will explain each here in basic terms and should you need detailed program formats or other help, you need only contact us directly. 

This was part of an article published in the SF Bay View, Feb. 19th, 2012

Supporting the Movement and Suggesting Ideas, by the N.A.R.N. Collective Think Tank, a collective of people (formerly) inside the SHU's of California and people outside in support: Unity is Strength – “Creating solutions for the movement to transform society.”

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