New Afrikan Navigation Assistance Program (NANAP)

This program is designed to aid, assist and encourage single mothers, families in guiding their suns (sons) and daughters through the traps and the lures that so many of our beautifully spirited & strong people get caught up in due to social ills that plague our Kommunity – culturally socially & economically. Many of our Kommunities have fallen pray to us just simply trying to survive these conditions.

NANAP is not designed to replace the father but to have a strong and positive influence in the life of our young people or present when needed to help guide and mould strong New Afrikan defenders of their families, the people and the Kommunity. We need to educate our people and raise their consciousness, teach the history of the attacks against our people that have stripped our Kommunity of its moral fiber, that is destroying our family foundation, our suns & fathers, destroying our spiritual and communal structure.

We must strengthen our Kommunities by educating and assisting our young people that the search for & discovering the meaning of life is crucial to the New Afrikans’ (boys’ and girls’) development and their philosophical and spiritual growth. We cannot allow the system to raise our children and the ways we combat that is to have responsibility of our own.

The main problem is that we usually look in the wrong direction for both meaning (purpose) and satisfaction in life. In doing this we harm ourselves, when the solutions to our problems are within ourselves. We grew up in the ’60s, ’70s, there were always Elders around who helped guide us.

The NANAP work will be conducted by strong, intelligent, respectful, responsibly thinking New Afrikans within our Kommunity.

The program will consist of the folowing:

  1. Character building
  2. Positive connection
  3. Mentoring
  4. Communalism education
  5. Building relationships with Elders and Churches within the Kommunity.


Supporting the Movement and Suggesting Ideas, by the N.A.R.N. Collective Think Tank, a collective of people (formerly) inside the SHU's of California and people outside in support: Unity is Strength – “Creating solutions for the movement to transform society.”

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