The W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program

This was published on the SF Bay View site and in its April issue

by Kíjana Tashiri Askari, Baridi Yero and Yafeu Iyapo

“To enable the people of the community to have an intelligent or informed opinion about matters of importance, the principal role of leaders is to study and to institute studies upon the basis of which plans are developed.” – from “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” Page 357, by Chancellor Williams

Mission Statement

The W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program (WLNMP) is a community-based pen pal service that has been constructed in order to provide the people of our communities with an opportunity to connect with and engage the current class and generation of New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries on several fronts. There are many within our communities who have unfortunately succumbed to an incorrect level of understanding, that the New Afrikan Black Liberation Movement, as it once was constructed under the tutelage and guidance of such beautiful and courageous New Afrikan Black brothas as W.L. Nolen, William Christmas, James McClain, Cleveland Edwards, Alvin “Sweet Jugs” Miller, Jeffrey “Khatari” Gaulden, Comrade George Jackson and countless others was somehow ended when these brothas were murdered by the fascist goons of this police state!

There is an urgent need for this level of false consciousness to be corrected to accurately reflect the New Afrikan Black Liberation movement as it existed in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It is still being propagated by today’s class of New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries, as predicated upon the continuum of the same ideological struggle of New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism (NARN). That struggle entails resisting the litany of human rights abuses, such as genocide, that are based upon systemic cultural deprivation and social isolation; torture by way of indefinite solitary confinement; institutional racism; police brutality; arbitrary parole board denials; inadequate food and nutrition; inadequate medical and mental health care; being deprived of our First Amendment freedoms of speech, expression and association; and falsely labeling prisoners as gang members.


The W.L. Nolan Mentorship Program will serve as a medium to negate the level of false consciousness amongst the people by providing the people with a correct understanding of the New Afrikan Black Liberation Movement via the social principles of “Each One Teach One,” which is our communal, cooperative work, where the people will have the opportunity to educate themselves on various issues by corresponding with New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries.

For those individuals who are not familiar with the social concept of “Each One Teach One,” it essentially entails replacing “individualism” with “collectivism,” where the problems of the individual become the problems of the community. By speaking with one voice via our collective struggles of unified activity that is geared towards finding and developing community-based solutions, we will protect the health of our communities.

“Each One Teach One” essentially entails replacing “individualism” with “collectivism,” where the problems of the individual become the problems of the community.

Hence, participants of the WLNMP are encouraged to discuss and write about any personal issue that they may need mentorship with, as we New Afrikan Black Revolutionaries can provide tutelage and guidance in the following areas:

1) violence prevention and intervention;
2) developing critical thinking skills;
3) cultural tolerance and sensitivity;
4) alternatives to joining gangs;
5) support for single mothas;
6) economic empowerment;
7) how to overcome alcohol and drug addiction;
8) domestic violence conflict resolution;
9) avoiding negative peer pressure; and 
10) providing tools to help develop community responsibility and awareness.

A study guide will be provided to the people as a part of the WLNMP so the people will have the opportunity to raise their level of understanding of the New Afrikan Black Liberation movement as it is presently constructed in today’s slave kamps (prisons) to thus uproot the materialism of false consciousness amongst the people. The issue of being right or wrong, as it pertains to the material in the study guide, is of no real significance, as freedom is a constant struggle!

But, my people, it is imperative to understand, that the WLNMP can only be sustained by each correspondent being willing to donate and contribute stamps and writing paper as a part of their participation and correspondence, as this is the only way that communication can be maintained. We’re only allowed to have up to 40 stamps or embossed envelopes and a total of 500 sheets of writing paper sent to us per each mailing. However, any amount – e.g., 5 to 10 stamps or embossed envelopes and 50 sheets of writing paper – that is sent will be definitely appreciated, as it will go a long way towards achieving the objectives herein.
Participants will be required to fill out the WLNMP application so that your progress and completion of the program can be properly documented with a certificate of achievement and extra credits if you’re a person in school.

And on that note, all power to the people who do not fear real freedom!
Educate to Liberate!

For more information, contact us at:

  • Kijana Tashiri Askari, s/n M. Harrison, H-54077, D3-122, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532
  • Yafeu Iyapo, s/n L. Alexander, B-72288, D3-118, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532
  • Baridi Yero, s/n J. Williamson, D-34288, D4-107, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

Alarming: Corcoran SHU administrators are directing staff to dispense with California law and state procedures/policy regarding mass hunger strikes

On Monday April 8th they ran no yard on 4B facility in Corcoran-SHU. We of course investigated as to why we were, yet again, denied yard access without explanation and discovered staff had all gone to some sort of “training.”

By chance, or design, one of the N.C.T.T.-Cor-SHU coordinators was under escort by 2 officers who, by happenstance or design, began discussing the nature of this training that would take another 2 days of additional training to complete:

In preparation for the July 8th peaceful protest action (hunger strike, work stoppage, etc.) Corcoran SHU administrators are directing staff to dispense with California law and state procedures/policy regarding mass hunger strikes and instead will institute a policy designed to raise the potential for maximum casualties (deaths) amongst prisoner participants, while negating the existence of input data or any health care services monitoring information.

CDCR staff at Corcoran have been directed that there will be no weigh ins, blood pressure checks, or other medical monitoring of hunger strike participants for the duration of the July 8th peaceful protest. Instead, a single officer will be given a video camera to “monitor” participants every few days or so. The facility will be locked down, a state of emergency enacted and all yard, visits, and medical ducats will be suspended. No one will leave the cells. No medical intervention of any kind, including health care services daily nursing observations and weekly pcp evaluations as mandated by California CorrectionalHealth Care Services Policy Manual 1.m.s.p.&p., vol. 4, chapter 22.2, will be allowed.

Once a participant loses consciousness, if he is discovered by staff before he expires (dies), he will then receive medical intervention in the form of force feeding (physicians order for life sustaining treatment). Once this occurs the participant will be considered no longer on “hunger strike.”

Many of you may see the obvious contradiction in prison staff being trained by warden Gilespie to intentionally violate the law and health care policy, with the complicity of prison doctors, nurses and technicians, to intentionally jeopardize the lives of peaceful protestors – but what’s not obvious, and in our opinion most insidious, by willfully preventing input data to even be collected, eliminating visits, and confining any proof of the hunger strike to correctional officer videography – CDCR can control the narrative completely.

With plausible deniability pre-structured, this approach allows CDCR to under-report actual hunger strike participant numbers, claim those on hunger strike are actually eating by recording on video non-participants who are eating, releasing the video’s to the press characterizing them as hunger strikers who are not actually striking, and do all of this while denying protestors access to mandated health care evaluation and clinical monitoring, ensuring serious injury or death befalls at least some protestors. When it does, just like with Christian Gomez, they can claim the victim was only hunger striking a day or so and instead died of a “pre-existing medical condition unrelated to the hunger strike.”

That this premeditated violation of their own policy is both illegal and immoral is a given, and in fact of secondary concern. That they are doing so to maintain this domestic torture program, with all its inhumane and arbitrary components intact, at the expense of your tax dollars, our minds, bodies, and very souls is what should outrage us all.

Our cause is a righteous cause, our peaceful protest to realize the 5 Core Demands just and fair. We can not allow the state to undermine the purpose and impact of these sacrifices. We are prepared to die to end great injustice, should we not be allowed the dignity of these sacrifices being accorded the state’s policy and our opposition acting within the guidelines of their own law? A criminal is defined not by what he/she is called, but by what they do. Who are the criminals in this case? The answer is as obvious as the question, all that’s left to be decided is if you will stand idly by as this crime is committed.

A Luta Continua

N.C.T.T.-Cor-SHU  –  –
April 10, 2013

Contemplations in a Holding Tank

How much can a brother take, as I’m sitting in this holding tank.
On my way from New Folsom State, it’s pitiful to think how low we’ve sank.
I look out of the 2×4 cage, at the merciless faces of these devils
CDC’s finest are paid, to reduce men to a sub-human level.
The information age in a micro-chip, as I race this post-industrial apocalypse.
The new world order propaganda perpetrated by the same old world fascists.
Our brothers are being locked up for life, and forced to submit to D.N.A. coding.
Prisoners are free sources of labor without rights, and you wonder why the county jails are

Wake the hell up ‘cause they killin’ us and they don’t wait or hesitate.
Letting the media scare you, the more genocidal laws they can legislate.
House bill 15090 paid for the creation of A.I.D.S. to further their depopulation program.
A biological weapon bought and paid, and you bought that line about a monkey in the

My people obviously don’t see what I see, the thought slowly dawns on me
Those folks are lying on t.v., that smiling bitch on the news is phony
Quit biting for that bullshit, capitalists are incapable of morality,
They don’t care that your child’s illiterate, they’re too concerned with urban casualties.
They talk of family values, but criminalize young New Afrikan fathers every day of the week.
The child with no male patterning often dies, seeking his examples in the street.
They talk of being tuff on crime while giving us drugs and Tek-9’s,
They don’t care about lives-not yours or mine – just ensure ‘Amerika’s Most Wanted’ gets your
Dropped dimes.

It costs over $50,000 dollars to keep you locked up a year, and that ain’t no doubt.
But it only costs $15,000 dollars a year to send you to college, now you figure it out.
Now the Secretary of Defense is stating and making economic, foreign and domestic policy.
When the Nazi’s did it in Germany it was called fascism, now how fuckin’ blind can you be?

I’m getting on the bus now I gotta go, but the solution to society’s woes is as simple as
Putting bread in a basket.

The system of capitalist exploitation is evil and everyone knows, so we must fight oppression
Until it’s buried like a skeleton in a casket.



Artwork: cop. Heshima Denham

Defiantly I stand in the midst of adversity and persecution, like a stone golem of old I am, impervious to the storm of conviction allayed against my very soul.

Defiantly I face those whose power is greater than my own. Like a warrior who is faced with unbeatable odds I fight on without pause.

Defiantly I look evil in its deceitful face though masked by false justice and spit in the eye of the oppressor.

Defiantly I march against my enemy, its allies and all who would advocate my destruction.

I am rebellion unbound.

Defiantly I face death and stand in prison like a standard that rallies all those who will no longer tolerate unjust imprisonment and who dare not falter in their battle for true democracy.

Defiantly I speak, defiantly I stand, defiantly I fight on, and will never surrender, never submit, never give in.

I am the unimprisonable, the unkillable, the unstoppable, the unenslavable; I am he who is spurned the world over yet who holds his head hight in the light of day.

I am the seed of ham. I am the Blackman. The Afrikan.
I am defiance.