Update on our Pilot Program Block-Vote Democratic Initiative

With less than 30 days left to the presidential election, and our major fundraising event to benefit the 3 Pilot Programs (“Occupy The Beat”) still being organized, the Block-Vote Democratic Initiative will not be funded and fielded in time to impact this election cycle.

This, however, does not mean aspects of the B.V.D.I. cannot be adopted and implemented by you. There are 34 states that have recently passed these racist, anti-poor, disenfranchisement statutes requiring voters to purchase special ID’s to vote.

It is a blatant gambit by the Republican party to neutralize entire segments of the electorate opposed to their ultra-rightwing authoritarian agenda. We can not allow it. Democracy can not allow it. We urge you to adopt and employ those segments of the Block-Vote Democratic Initiative that you can, where you can.

It is our assessment that churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, college campuses and community centers are all ideal, self-contained institutions where this type of organizing can be carried out. We urge you all to act.

If you simply cannot do the work required to carry forward such an effort but want to support the B.V.D.I. or one of the other Pilot Programs, please go here to our fundraiser site and donate whatever you can to see these vital initiatives are implemented as fast as possible. All that is necessary for evil people to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

Please join us in this vital work. 

N.C.T.T.-Cor-SHU / Occupy N.C.T.T.