About the NARN-Collective Think Tank (NCTT)

Our mission is to create, develop, review and implement programs, initiatives and concepts with, and for, individuals, groups, community activists across the U.S. to realize 10 Core Objectives for Progress and Social Transformation as articulated by the N.A.R.N. Collective Think Tank.

We have written up several pilot programs to help communities prosper and sustain themselves.

What our name NARN stands for:

N.A.R.N.: New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism – C.T.T.: Collective Think Tank.

For more information on the NCTT contact:

Twitter: @NARNCTT

This website’s URL: Narncollective.wordpress.com

Our former site was called NCTT-Cor-SHU, but since most of us have moved from the SHU to general population following the Settlement in Ashker v. Brown, we are no longer all in Corcoran SHU. Therefore we have decided the website needed to be updated to reflect this.

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Supporting the Movement and Suggesting Ideas, by the N.A.R.N. Collective Think Tank, a collective of people (formerly) inside the SHU's of California and people outside in support: Unity is Strength – “Creating solutions for the movement to transform society.”